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Our firm audits 500 companies each year. This represents sixty per-cent of our business. We also act as chartered accountants for 500 clients, a further 25% of our work. Acquisition audits and other miscellaneous services account for the remaining 15%.


A diverse clientele

● Busineses of all sizes: SMEs, family businesses and subsidiaries of foreign companies

● A broad range of sectors, including service, finance and management companies, as well as mutual funds, non-profit-making organisations and independent professionals (such as doctors, lawyers and consultants)


Fidus: masters of foreign accounting formats

We work on behalf of some fifty subsidiaries of foreign companies (for example, US, British, Scandinavian, Italian, Slovenian and Israeli): our staff are familiar with the main non-French accounting formats. The advice we provide is tailored to optimise managerial decision-making for both the French subsidiary and the whole group.


Some compliments from clients...

● “They have collaborated with me for several years now in the management of my companies: an SCI (Société Civile Immobilière – a property holding company) and a limited company. They work well, are thoroughly competent and give good advice. I thoroughly recommend them.”

● “Your explanations are clear and precise every time”

● “I recommend Fidus for acquisition audits”

● “Thank you for your responsiveness”

● “Congratulations on the quality, friendliness and competence of your staff”

● “Whatever the problem, you are always there to find a solution”

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